Billing and Insurance Information

Western Turnpike Rescue Squad is committed to making sure that each one of our patients has a positive experience when working with us.  We understand that the circumstance that required our help may have been difficult, so our goal is to make sure that each patient:


  • Receives prompt attention to all questions and concerns

  • Understand their bill

  • Receives the full benefit that their health insurance has to offer

  • Understands all their options

Why does WTRS bill?

Years ago an ambulance response was a free service provided by community volunteers.  Expenses were handled with donations and fund drives.  However, as the years have gone by, increased needs of the community have forced our organization to provide a paid staff.  The required training and time commitment increased to the point that volunteers were unable to contribute as much time that was needed.  Also, increased regulation and increased costs of running a business, require us to bill for our services.  


WTRS is NOT part of the Town or any of the Fire Districts.  We do not receive any operating funds from your taxes.  In the early 2000's a bond was passed that would allow our two buildings to be constructed with a tax.  You should see that on your tax bill each year.  That money goes completely to the payoff of the mortgage for the buildings.  

You can reach us by:


Calling:             518.456.5522



You can submit your insurance information by clicking here.  

You can pay your bill by mailing it to:


200 Centre Drive

Guilderland, NY 12203